This Is An Example Of An Old Sale. This Sale Has Expired.

!!! Opels Unlimited Reproduction Parts !!!
Made by Us here in the U.S.

Opel GT - Front Window Rubber, Just like the original - $89.95 ea.

Opel Ascona - Front Window Rubber - Fits 71'-75' just like the original - $89.95

Opel Manta - Front Window Rubber - Fits 71'-75' just like the original - $89.95

Opel Kaddett - Front Window Rubber - Fits just like the original - $89.95

Opel GT - Rear Window Rubber, Just Like original - $89.95

Opel Kaddett - Outer scraper rubber for door glass, just like original - $16.95

We are considering making the Ascona Wagon Rear Hatch Rubber.
If interested Let Us Know !

Opels Unlimiteds' Interior Sale !!!

Any Seat Completely reupholstered in your car $99.95, or the Seat covers can be ordered for only $89.95 each. Each cover can be made in your choice of factory or custom materials, Vinyl or Velour, any way and any color you want it.

Opel GT Dash Covers, Rear Trays, Snap Flaps to cover spare tire, Drivers' Carpet w/ padding and Mat only.

 Your Choice only $25.00 each, Done and ready to go out the door to you.

Complete Carpet Installed in any Opel, any color, choice of original or cut pile $129.95 installed.

Opel GT Black Carpet Kit - Mail Order or Carry out price is $95.00 On Sale !!

Complete Headliner installed with rear section and side pillars redone is $119.95 complete and installed.

Complete GT Black Headliner - Mail order or Carry out price is $89.95 On Sale !!

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We have new items in stock from recent dealer buy-outs !!!
Mufflers, Poly Bushing kits, Pistons, NOS Gas Caps, Toys, etc.


*NEW* T-shirts Available

 Opels Unlimited also Has *NEW* T-shirts available in a multitude of colors

( Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Pink. Yellow, Gray, and Classic Black amongst many other colors! ) .

Production first introduced at the Carlisle meet and we sold out of a three foot stack of them!!

But, now you can get them for only $11.95 to your door.

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