This Is An Example Of An Old Sale. This Sale Has Expired.

Opels Unlimited Presents
The sale that will be talked about for a decade !!!!

On the last O.E.C. survey people loved the Christmas flyer and the On the road again sales. However the general consensus was that you all missed the big used parts sales we used to have every month. "All the other sales were great, but what about the rest of the car?" was a common question in the survey. Well folks, Opels Unlimited has promised O.E.C. $1000 to get stamps for the HUGE NEW 34 page newsletter and, on top of that, Opels Unlimited needs over $20,000 cash to go out to the east coast and buy out the East Coast Opel companies that are now folding and to visit with all his customers at the "Carlisle Import/Replicar Nationals" car show (May 8th through the 10th 1998) in Carlisle, PA like he did last year. So here it goes ...... The LARGEST MASS PRODUCTION, ALL OUT, CRAZY PARTS SALE IN OPELS UNLIMITEDS HISTORY !!!! NO LIMITS, NO CORES, JUST SELL ! SELL !!! SELL !!!!! NOBODY BEATS OPELS UNLIMITEDSí PRICES, NOT FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS, NOT FOR THE NEXT 15 YEARS. BUT TH IS SALE IS GOING TO BE RIDICULOUS, SO MAKE SOME ROOM IN YOUR GARAGE , HERE IT GOES (ALL Items are used and in GOOD to AVERAGE condition unless otherwise noted)

Opel rear ends complete axle to axle.. Good condition for all Mantas, GTs, Asconas, and 1900 Wagons
Reg $185 - Now: $75

Opel front ends complete spindle to spindle w/ rack , arms, springs, ball joints, etc.
Reg $285 - Now: $75

Opel 1900 motors - good used running motor, complete long block (no head), includes oil pan, timing cover, pistons, crank, block, etc. Any Year Make or Model
Reg $200 - Now: $75

Opel Automatic Transmissions for all makes and models. Works great - 1 year guarantee
Only $50 each

Opel GT A/C components - good condition - Console, blower, compressor, pulleys, etc.
Only $50 each

Opel GT Heater boxes complete w/ fan and heater core (Good working condition)
Only $20 each

Opel Manta / Ascona - Heater cores, like new condition, 1 Year Guarantee.
Only $20 each

Opel Manta / Ascona - A/C Components - good condition - Console, blower, compressor, pulleys, etc.
Only $50 each

All GT, Manta and Ascona - Hood hinges, Headlight buckets, hood releases, grilles, wiper motor assemblies engine crossmembers, transmission crossmembers, gauges, speedos, steel valve covers, torque tube housings, trailing arms, panhard rods, all visors, all arm rests, horn buttons
Reg up to $65 - Now: $10

All doors (door only) any model from 1960-1980 (Including GT)
Reg - $40-$150 Now: $10-$75

All Manta, Ascona, Opel/Isuzu (Kaddett "C") Fenders (Including Wagon)
Reg - $30-$85 Now: $10-$40

All Brake rotors w/ good hub, good rear drums, caliper cores, upper control arms for the GT, Manta/Ascona Any Front Springs, GT Valve covers, Bell housings, Intake Manifolds, for 1.9L, Voltage Regulators, Alternators, Good Used Clutch sets, Rear Bumper cores, Good Solex Carbs, Used Tires
Reg up to $85 Now: $20 each

All air cleaners, carbon canisters, motor mount ears, fan pulleys, dash vents, GT Master support brackets, Cheap Taillights, wiper arms, Regular Manta electrical dash, factory rims, beauty rims, hub caps, average door panels, grille sides, Old Solex Carbs, Starter and Master Cores, Torque tube shafts, spring perches, factory radios, Headlight bulbs,
Only $5 each

Average AM/FM Cassette car stereos.. WE HAVE 80 to choose from, removed from cars we stripped.
Only $10 each

Average GT complete electrical dash, plastic with guages, wiring, etc.
Only $65

Large Pre-cut body panels - Front or Rear quarter panels, Whole fenders for GT, Floors, Manta A rear quarters, GT Rear panels or complete rear half of car, GT Nose panels, GT rear quarter panels
Only $50-150 each

Good used GT radiators, hoods, master cylinders, w/ brake boosters, good Manta/Ascona steering columns, Good Opel/Isuzu (Kaddet "C") steering columns, Windshields for all models, Good GT passenger seat frames, Alloy Wheels (10 kinds)
Reg to $100 Now: $50 each

Manta, Ascona Coupe and GT rear windows, GT, Manta, Kaddett, Opel/Isuzu door glass, GT rear quarter glass, Wagon hatch glass, wagon hatch rear quarter glass. Reg to $85 Now: $20 each

Any 1.9l engine block good condition, rod set, solid lifter cam shaft, good cranks, good rod sets, oil pan, standard oil pumps, pistons, 4 speed flywheels, late model timing covers, timing gear and chain set
Only $20 each

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