After many years of work Opels Unlimited has finally finished the prototyping phase for 

    all the Opel window rubber parts for Opel GT Manta A, Ascona A, Kadett B, Rally and 

    Caravan station wagon. Also Ascona 1900 wagon. The following will be a list of in 

    stock, already available reproduction rubber parts that Opels Unlimited has been 

    making for the past 5 years. They are now available in large quantities to anyone in the 

    world as we have now found an even larger manufacturing firm to create the rubber for 

    U.S. Opels Unlimited is proud to announce a never ending supply of quality rubber 

    parts for all of our different old Opel models. If there is any other rubber reproduction 

    parts or any reproduction parts you wish us still to make please tell us on your 

    membership questionnaire or write to us.


    Thank you for all your support over the last 20 years, we hope it will be a great next 20 



    Take care and happy Opeling


Opel GT

You can Email Us at OpelsUnlimited@excite.com
Or better yet call us at -(909)-355-6735
Best times are from 1pm - 7pm PST

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