Sub-group: E-C

Cam, Lifters, Valves & Other Head parts
Part Description
E-C-1 1.1l - Camshaft & Lifter set
E-C-2 1.5l - Camshaft & Lifter set
E-C-3 1.9l - 3 bearing Camshaft & Lifter set - Stock
E-C-4 1.9l - 4 bearing Camshaft & Lifter set - Stock
E-C-5 1.9l - 3 bearing Camshaft & Lifter set - Performance
E-C-6 1.9l - 4 bearing Camshaft & Lifter set - Performance
E-C-7 2.0l Camshaft & Lifter set - Stock
E-C-8 1.1l - Camshaft
E-C-9 1.5l - Camshaft
E-C-10 1.9l - 3 bearing Camshaft - Stock
E-C-11 1.9l - 4 bearing Camshaft - Stock
E-C-12 1.9l - 3 bearing Camshaft - Performance
E-C-13 1.9l - 4 bearing Camshaft - Performance
E-C-14 2.0l Camshaft - Stock
E-C-15 Solid Lifters - Set of 8
E-C-16 Hydraulic Lifters - Set of 8
E-C-17 Soild Lifter (ea.)
E-C-18 Hydraulic Lifter (ea.)
E-C-19 1.1l Exhaust or Intake Valve (ea.)
E-C-20 1.5l Exhaust or Intake Valve (ea.)
E-C-21 1.9l Exhaust Valve (ea.)
E-C-22 1.9l Intake Valve (ea.)
E-C-23 2.0l Exhaust Valve (ea.)
E-C-24 2.0l Intake Valve (ea.)
E-C-25 1.5l Camshaft Bearing Set
E-C-26 1.9l Camshaft (3) Bearing Set
E-C-27 1.9l Camshaft (4) Bearing Set
E-C-28 2.0l Camshaft Bearing Set
E-C-29 2.2l Camshaft Bearing Set
E-C-30 2.4l Camshaft Bearing Set
E-C-31 Valve Springs (ea.)
E-C-32 Rocker Arm Set (arms, studs and nuts)
E-C-33 Rocker Arm (ea.)
E-C-34 Rocker Arm stud (ea.)
E-C-35 Rocker Arm nut (ea.)
E-C-36 Rocker Arm nut (w/ insert) (ea.)
E-C-37 Cam Cover - Side
E-C-38 Cam Cover - Front
E-C-39 Cam Cover - Rear
E-C-40 1.8l Opel/Isuzu Cam & Lifter Set
E-C-41 1.8l Opel/Isuzu Cam - Stock

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