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Still under construction
BUT ALL Categories lists are complete up to GT
Manta and Kadett lists will be up shortly!


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Descriptions of what the different price categories mean

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Group E - Engine Parts

E-L Long Blocks - (Complete w/o Head or Cam)
E-S Short Blocks - (Complete w/Pistons, Rods, Crank and Bearings Only)
E-H Heads - (Complete w/o Cam & Lifters)
E-T Timing Cover, Oil Pump, and Asso. parts
E-C Cam, Lifters, Valves & Other Head parts
E-P Pistons and Asso. parts
E-F Carbs, F.I. Systems & Other Fuel System parts
E-W Water Pumps and Other Engine Cooling parts
E-E Electrical Engine Components
E-I Ignition Parts and Distributors
E-G Gaskets, Oil seals & Filters
E-X Exhaust and Emissions Equipment
E-M Misc Engine Parts, Covers, Mounts, etc.

Group T - Transmission Parts

T-C Complete Transmissions
T-S Manual (Stick Shift) Transmission Parts
T-A Automatic Transmission Parts
T-M Misc Transmission Parts, Mounts and Gaskets

Group S - Front Suspension, Rear End and Misc. Drivetrain

S-F Front Suspension parts and assemblies
S-R Rear End parts and assemblies
S-S Springs and Shocks
S-T Torque Tube and Center Support parts
S-M Misc. Parts and Bushings

Group B - Brakes

B-F Front Brakes and Master Cylinders
B-R Rear Brakes and Misc. parts

Group G - GT Specific Items

G-B Body Panels, Bumpers and Glass
G-R Rubber Gaskets and Trim
G-I Interior Parts
G-E Electrical Parts and Dash Components
G-L Lenses and Lense Housings
G-T Trim & Emblems
G-M Miscellaneous & Air Conditioning

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