Sub-group: E-E

Electrical Engine Components
Part Description
E-E-1 1.1l Starter
E-E-2 1.5l Starter
E-E-3 1.9l Starter
E-E-4 1.8l Opel/Isuzu Starter
E-E-5 1.1l Alternator
E-E-6 1.9l Alternator - Stock 35amp
E-E-7 1.9l Alternator - 75' - 45 amp
E-E-8 1.9l Alternator - 60 amp and Up (Call for Availablity and Price)
E-E-9 1.8l Opel/Isuzu Alternator
E-E-10 1.1l Voltage Regulator
E-E-11 1.9l Voltage Regulator
E-E-12 1.8l Opel/Isuzu Voltage Regulator
E-E-13 1.1l Temperature sending unit
E-E-14 1.9l Temperature sending unit
E-E-15 1.8l Opel/Isuzu Temp. Sending unit
E-E-16 1.1l Oil Pressure sending unit
E-E-17 1.9l Oil Pressure sending unit (Dash Light only)
E-E-18 1.9l Oil Pressure sending unit (GT and Other Opels with Oil gauge)
E-E-19 1.8l Opel/Isuzu Oil pressure sending unit
E-E-20 Manta/Asc. Volt. Reg. To Alt. wiring
E-E-21 Fusible Link for Alternator
E-E-22 Fusible Link for Starter
E-E-23 1.1l Alternator Bracket
E-E-24 1.9l Alternator Bracket (Stock - Upper)
E-E-25 1.9l Custom Alternator Bracket - (Upper) - For Mounting GM Alternators
E-E-26 1.9l Alternator Bracket - (Lower) - Aluminum
E-E-27 1.9l Alternator Bracket - (Lower) - Iron
E-E-28 1.9l Alternator Bracket - (Lower) - Iron for A/C or 2 pulleys

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