Sub-group: E-F

Carbs, F.I. Systems & Other Fuel System parts
Part Description
E-F-1 1.1l - (1b) Solex Single Carb.
E-F-2 1.1l - (1b) Solex Dual Carb (Ea.)
E-F-3 1.1l - (1b) Dual Carb (Set of 2)
E-F-4 1.9l - (2b) Solex w/ Water Choke
E-F-5 1.9l - (2b) Solex W/ Electric Choke
E-F-6 1.8l - Opel/Isuzu - Stock Carb
E-F-7 32/36 Weber (Stage 2)
E-F-8 38 DGAS Weber (Stage 3)
E-F-9 40 DCOE Weber (Single Side Draft)
E-F-10 40 DCOE Weber (Dual W/ Linkage)
E-F-11 1.1l - Single Carb (Rebuild kit)
E-F-12 1.1l - Dual Carb (Rebuild Kit)(ea.)
E-F-13 1.9l - Solex W/ W.C. (Rebuild Kit - Specify Carb number)
E-F-14 1.9l - Solex W/ E.C. (Rebuild Kit - Specify Carb number)
E-F-15 1.8l - Opel/Isuzu (Rebuild Kit)
E-F-16 32/36 Weber (Rebuild Kit)
E-F-17 38 DGAS Weber (Rebuild Kit)
E-F-18 40 DCOE (Single) (Rebuild Kit)
E-F-19 40 DCOE (Dual) (Rebuild Kit)
E-F-20 Adapter for 32/36 for Opel Air cleaner
E-F-21 32/36 Weber (Chrome Air Filter Kit)
E-F-22 38 DGAS Weber (Filter Kit)
E-F-23 40 DCOE (Single) (Chrome Filter Kit)
E-F-24 32/36 Weber (Replacement Filter)
E-F-25 38 DGAS Weber (Replacement Filter)
E-F-26 40 DCOE (Single) (Replacement Filter)
E-F-27 (3-Piece Complete Linkage Assembly)
E-F-28 Manta/Ascona (Linkage at Carb.)
E-F-29 Manta/Ascona (Throttle Cable)
E-F-30 All others - Linkage (Specify)
E-F-31 All Others (Throttle Cable) (Specify)
E-F-32 GT Gas Tank (Specify Year)
E-F-33 Manta Gas Tank
E-F-34 Ascona Gas Tank
E-F-35 75' Manta Gas Tank
E-F-36 75' Ascona Gas Tank
E-F-37 Opel/Isuzu Gas Tank
E-F-38 All Others Gas Tank (Specify model)
E-F-39 GT Gas tank Sending Unit
E-F-40 75' Sending Unit (Specify model)
E-F-41 Opel/Isuzu Sending Unit
E-F-42 All Others Sending Unit (Specify model)
E-F-43 1.1l Fuel Pump
E-F-44 1.9l Fuel Pump
E-F-45 75' Electric Fuel Pump
E-F-46 Opel/Isuzu Fuel Pump
E-F-47 75' Fuel Injector (ea.)
E-F-48 75' Fuel Injectors (set of 4)
E-F-49 75' F.I. Computer Brain
E-F-50 75' F.I. Fuel Rail/Intake
E-F-51 75' F.I. Injector Wiring Harness
E-F-52 75' Complete Wiring Harness
E-F-53 Complete 75' F.I. (to install in pre-75')
E-F-54 Complete 2.0l F.I. System
E-F-55 Complete 2.4l F.I. System

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