Sub-group: E-G

Gaskets, Oil seals & Filters
Part Description
E-G-1 1.1l Complete Engine Rebuild - (Stock)
E-G-2 1.1l Complete Engine Rebuild - (Hvy Duty)
E-G-3 1.9l Complete Engine Rebuild - (Stock)
E-G-4 1.9l Complete Engine Rebuild - (Hvy Duty)
E-G-5 1.8l O/I Compl. Eng. Rebuild
E-G-6 1.1l Head Gasket Set
E-G-7 1.9l Head Gasket Set - Early (Stock)
E-G-8 1.9l Head Gasket Set - Early (Hvy Duty)
E-G-9 1.9l Head Gasket Set - Late (Stock)
E-G-10 1.9l Head Gasket Set - Late (Hvy Duty)
E-G-11 1.8l Opel/Isuzu Head Gasket Set
E-G-12 1.1l Head Gasket (Stock)
E-G-13 1.1l Head Gasket (Heavy Duty)
E-G-14 1.9l Head Gasket - Early - (Stock)
E-G-15 1.9l Head Gasket - Early - (Hvy Duty)
E-G-16 1.9l Head Gasket - Late - (Stock)
E-G-17 1.9l Head Gasket - Late - (Hvy Duty)
E-G-18 1.8l Opel/Isuzu Head Gasket
E-G-19 1.1l Valve Cover Gasket
E-G-20 1.9l Valve Cover Gasket - Cork
E-G-21 1.9l Valve Cover Gasket - Rubber
E-G-22 1.8l O/I Valve Cover Gasket
E-G-23 1.1l Intake Gasket
E-G-24 1.9l Intake Gasket
E-G-25 1.9l Exhaust Manifold Gasket
E-G-26 1.8l O/I Intake Gasket
E-G-27 1.8l O/I Exhaust Manifold Gasket
E-G-28 1.1l Exhaust Manifold Gasket
E-G-29 1.1l Carb to Intake Gasket
E-G-30 1.9l Carb to Intake Gasket - Upr.
E-G-31 1.9l Carb to Intake Gasket - Lwr.
E-G-32 1.9l Carb Heat shield
E-G-33 1.9l Timing Cover Set
E-G-34 1.1l Exhaust Flange
E-G-35 1.9l Exhaust Flange
E-G-36 1.1l Front Main Seal
E-G-37 1.9l Front Main Seal
E-G-38 1.8l Opel/Isuzu Front Main Seal
E-G-39 1.1l Rear Main Seal
E-G-40 1.9l Rear Main Seal
E-G-41 1.8l O/I Rear Main Seal
E-G-42 1.1l Water Pump Gasket
E-G-43 1.9l Water Pump Gasket
E-G-44 1.8l O/I Water Pump Gasket
E-G-45 1.1l Thermostat Gasket
E-G-46 1.9l Thermostat Gasket
E-G-47 1.8l O/I Thermostat Gasket
E-G-48 1.1l Thermostat Housing Gasket
E-G-49 1.9l Thermostat Housing Gasket - (Specify 2 or 3 bolt)
E-G-50 1.1l Oil Pump Gasket
E-G-51 1.9l Oil Pump Gasket
E-G-52 1.1l Oil Pan Gasket Set
E-G-53 1.9l Oil Pan Gasket Set
E-G-54 1.8l O/I Oil Pan Gasket Set
E-G-55 1.9l Head Side or Front Seal
E-G-56 1.1l Distributor Seal
E-G-57 1.9l Distributor Seal
E-G-58 1.8l O/I Distributor Seal
E-G-59 1.9l Fuel Pump Spacer
E-G-60 1.1l Fuel Pump Gasket
E-G-61 1.9l Fuel Pump Gasket
E-G-62 GT 1.9l Air Filter
E-G-63 1.9l Air filter (All but GT)
E-G-64 Opel/Izusu Air Filter
E-G-65 All Others Air Filter (Specify Make & Engine)
E-G-66 1.1l Oil Filter
E-G-67 1.9l Oil Filter - Cheap
E-G-68 1.9l Oil Filter - Heavy Duty
E-G-69 1.9l Fuel Filter - All but 75'
E-G-70 1.9l Fuel Filter - 75'

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