Sub-group: E-M

Misc Engine Parts, Covers, Mounts, etc.
Part Description
E-M-1 1.1l - Flywheel (4 speed)
E-M-2 1.9l - Flywheel (4-speed)
E-M-3 2.2l - Flywheel (for 2.2l Clutch and Pressure Plate conversion)
E-M-4 1.8l - Opel/Isuzu Flywheel
E-M-5 1.9l - Flexplate (Automatic)
E-M-6 1.8l - Opel/Isuzu Flex Plate (Automatic)
E-M-7 1.1l - Valve Cover
E-M-8 1.9l - Valve Cover (Steel)
E-M-9 1.9l - GT Valve Cover (Aluminum)
E-M-10 1.9l - GT Valve Cover (Chromed Aluminum)
E-M-11 1.8l - Opel/Isuzu Valve Cover
E-M-12 1.1 - Oil pan
E-M-13 1.9l - Oil Pan - Kaddet (Aluminum)
E-M-14 1.9l - Oil Pan - GT (Aluminum)
E-M-15 1.9l - Oil Pan - Manta (Aluminum - With Fins)
E-M-16 1.9l - Oil Pan - Manta (Steel)
E-M-17 Part Number Not Used
E-M-18 1.8l - Oil Pan - Opel/Isuzu
E-M-19 1.1l Motor Mounts - GT
E-M-20 1.1l Motor Mounts - Kaddet
E-M-21 1.9l - Motor Mounts - GT
E-M-22 1.9l - Motor Mounts - Manta/Ascona (Specify Year)
E-M-23 ALL Other - Motor Mounts (Specify Model and Engine)

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