Sub-group: E-W

Water Pumps and Other Engine Cooling parts
Part Description
E-W-1 1.1l - Water Pump
E-W-2 1.9l - Water Pump (Except '75)
E-W-3 1.9l - Water Pump ( '75 )
E-W-4 1.8l Opel/Isuzu - Water Pump
E-W-5 1.1l - Fan Blade
E-W-6 1.9l - 5-Bladed Fan
E-W-7 1.9l - 7-Bladed Fan
E-W-8 1.1l - GT Radiator - Manual Trans.
E-W-9 1.9l - GT Radiator - Manual Trans.
E-W-10 1.9l - GT Radiator - Automatic Trans.
E-W-11 1.9l - Manta/Ascona Radiator - Manual Trans.
E-W-12 1.9l - Manta/Ascona Radiator - Automatic Trans.
E-W-13 1.8l - Opel/Isuzu Radiator (Specify Auto or Manual)
E-W-14 Other Radiator (Specify Model, Engine and Transmission)
E-W-15 1.1l Thermostat
E-W-16 1.9l - 160 F Thermostat (Recommended for HOT climates)
E-W-17 1.9l - 180 F Thermostat (Stock)
E-W-18 Part Number Not Used
E-W-19 Part Number Not Used
E-W-20 Part Number Not Used
E-W-21 1.9l - 195 F Thermostat (For use in COLD Climates ONLY)
E-W-22 1.9l - 205 F Thermostat ( 75')
E-W-23 1.8l - Opel/Isuzu Thermostat
E-W-24 1.1l GT - Lower Radiator Hose
E-W-25 1.9l GT - Lower Radiator Hose (Non-A/C)
E-W-26 1.9L Manta/Ascona - Lower Radiator Hose
E-W-27 Other - Lower Radiator Hose (Specify Model, Engine and A/C or Non-A/C)
E-W-28 1.1l GT - Upper Radiator Hose (Non-A/C)
E-W-29 1.9l GT - Upper Radiator Hose
E-W-30 1.9l - Manta/Ascona - Upper Radiator Hose
E-W-31 Other - Upper Radiator Hose (Specify Model, Engine and A/C or Non-A/C)
E-W-32 1.9l - Thermostat Housing (2-bolt)
E-W-33 1.9l - Thermostat Housing (3-bolt)
E-W-34 Other - Thermostat Housing (Specify Model, Engine, F.I or Non-F.I.)

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