Sub-group: E-X

Exhaust and Emissions Equipment
Part Description
E-X-1 1.9l - GT - Head Pipe - Stock (Non-EGR)
E-X-2 1.9l - Manta/Ascona - Head Pipe - Stock (Non-EGR)
E-X-3 ALL Others - Head Pipe - (Specify Model, Engine, and Emissions)
E-X-4 1.9l - GT - Stainless Steel Head Pipe - Custom Call First
E-X-5 All Others - Stainless Steel Head Pipe - Custom Call First
E-X-6 1.9l - GT - Center Muffler - Stock
E-X-7 1.9l - Manta/Ascona - Center Muffler - Stock
E-X-8 All Others - Center Muffler - (Specify Model, Engine, and Emissions)
E-X-9 1.9l - GT - Stainless Steel Center Muffler - Call First
E-X-10 All Others - Stainless Steel Center Muffler - Call First
E-X-11 1.9l - GT - Rear Resonator W/ Chrome Tips
E-X-12 1.9l - Kadett Rallye - Rear Resonator W/ Chrome Tips
E-X-13 1.9l - Manta Rallye - Rear Resonator W/ Chrome Tips
E-X-14 All Others - Rear Resonator (Specify Model, Engine, and Emissions)
E-X-15 GT - Stainless Steel Rear Resonator (Call First)
E-X-16 All Others - Stainless Steel Rear Resonator (Call First)
E-X-17 1.9l - GT Axle Pipe
E-X-18 1.9l - Manta/Ascona Axle Pipe
E-X-19 1.9l - GT - Complete Stainless Steel Exhaust (Call First)
E-X-20 Miscellaneous Exhaust (Specify Item, Model, Engine, and Emissions)
E-X-21 1.1l Exhaust Manifold
E-X-22 1.9l ( Up to 1974 ) Exhaust Manifold - (Specify EGR or Non-EGR)
E-X-23 1.9l - Sprint Exhaust Manifold (1975)
E-X-24 1.9l GT - Header
E-X-25 1.9l Manta/Ascona Header
E-X-26 GT Air Cleaner Assembly (Specify 1.1l or 1.9l)
E-X-27 Manta/Ascona - Air Cleaner Assembly
E-X-28 All Others - Air Cleaner Assembly (Specify Model, Engine, Carb Set-up)
E-X-29 75' Air Filter Box w/ Air Flow Meter
E-X-30 All - Carbon Canister (Specify Model and Engine)
E-X-31 1973 and 1975 Long EGR pipe to Exhaust
E-X-32 1973 and 1974 short EGR pipe
E-X-33 Opel/Isuzu EGR pipe
E-X-34 1.9l Intake Manifold (Specify EGR or Non-EGR)
E-X-35 73' EGR Valve
E-X-36 74' EGR Valve (2 parts both valves)
E-X-37 75' EGR Valve
E-X-38 Opel/Isuzu EGR Valve
E-X-39 69' Smog Pump
E-X-40 Opel/Isuzu Smog Pump
E-X-41 69' Exhaust Manifold for Smog Pump
E-X-42 Opel/Isuzu Air Rail for Smog Pump
E-X-43 Opel/Isuzu Air Pump Hose
E-X-44 75' Catalytic Converter
E-X-45 Opel/Isuzu Catalytic Converter
E-X-46 All Others - Misc. Emissions parts (Specify Part, Model and Engine)
E-X-47 69' Smog Pump Pulley
E-X-48 69' Smog Pump Bracket
E-X-49 Opel/Isuzu Smog Pump Pulley
E-X-50 Opel/Isuzu Smog Pump Bracket
E-X-51 Opel/Isuzu Smog Pump Check Valve
E-X-52 GT Resonator Brackets and Hardware
E-X-53 Exhaust Rubber Damper Rings (ea.)
E-X-54 U-bolt for attaching Exhaust together

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