Sub-group: G-B

Body Panels, Bumpers and Glass
Part Description
G-B-1 Nose Panel
G-B-2 Lower Valance
G-B-3 Belly Pan
G-B-4 Front Bug Screens (Under Bumper - Specify left, Right or Center)
G-B-5 Drvr. Headlight Housing
G-B-6 Pass. Headlight Housing
G-B-7 Drvr. Headlight Cover
G-B-8 Pass. Headlight Cover
G-B-9 Windshield wiper Debris Screens (Below Windshiled - Specify Which one)
G-B-10 Drvr. - Front Fender Corner
G-B-11 Pass. - Front Fender Corner
G-B-12 Drvr. - Front Fender
G-B-13 Pass. - Front Fender
G-B-14 Drvr. - Front Side (Fender w/ Corner)
G-B-15 Pass. - Front Side (Fender w/ Corner)
G-B-16 Front Nose - (Nose Panel w/ Both Corners)
G-B-17 Complete Front End Skin
G-B-18 Drvr. - Door Sill
G-B-19 Pass. - Door Sill
G-B-20 Driver Door (W/O Glass or Regulator)
G-B-21 Driver Door (Complete)
G-B-22 Passenger Door (W/O Glass or Regulator)
G-B-23 Passenger Door (Complete)
G-B-24 Upper Drvr. Door Hinge
G-B-25 Lower Drvr. Door Hinge
G-B-26 Upper Pass. Door Hinge
G-B-27 Lower Pass. Door Hinge
G-B-28 Drvr. - Roof Column
G-B-29 Pass. - Roof Column
G-B-30 Roof (W/O Roof Columns)
G-B-31 Roof (W/ Roof Columns)
G-B-32 Drvr. Door Pillar
G-B-33 Pass. Door Pillar
G-B-34 Drvr. Door Latch (Body)
G-B-35 Pass. Door Latch (Body)
G-B-36 Drvr. Door Latch (Door)
G-B-37 Pass. Door Latch (Door)
G-B-38 Drvr. - Rear Fender
G-B-39 Pass. - Rear Fender
G-B-40 Upper Back Panel
G-B-41 Back Panel
G-B-42 Back Panel Strip
G-B-43 Back Panel Strip (Chromed)
G-B-44 Complete Rear End Skin - From Door Pillar to Back Panel
G-B-45 Complete Floor Pan
G-B-46 Drvr. Side Portion of Floor Pan
G-B-47 Pass. Side Portion of Floor Pan
G-B-48 Complete Car Frame and Skin - Specify Year Wanted
G-B-49 Front Windshield
G-B-50 Drvr. Door Glass
G-B-51 Pass. Door Glass
G-B-52 Drvr. Side Glass (W/O Pop-Out)
G-B-53 Drvr. Side Glass (W/ Pop-Out)
G-B-54 Pass. Side Glass (W/O Pop-Out)
G-B-55 Pass. Side Glass (W/ Pop-Out)
G-B-56 Rear Windshield
G-B-57 Front Bumper
G-B-58 Drvr. Front Signal Housing (Under Bumper)
G-B-60 Pass. Front Signal Housing (Under Bumper)
G-B-61 Drvr. Rear Bumper
G-B-62 Pass. Rear Bumper
G-B-63 Bumperette (L or R)
G-B-64 Drvr. R. Bumper (W/ Bumperettes & Lense Hsng.)
G-B-65 Pass. R. Bumper (W/ Bumperettes & Lense Hsng.)
G-B-66 Front Bumper Hardware
G-B-67 Rear Bumper Hardware (Ea. Side)

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