Sub-group: G-M

Miscellaneous & Air Conditioning
Part Description
G-M-1 Spare Tire - Original
G-M-2 Spare Tire Mounting Hardware
G-M-3 Spare Tire Cover
G-M-4 Jack
G-M-5 Lug Wrench
G-M-6 Radio Antenna
G-M-7 Headlight Cable
G-M-8 Headlight Lever Assembly
G-M-9 Headlight Lever Handle
G-M-10 Driver Side Mirror - Original
G-M-11 Pass. Side Mirror - Original (From Europe)
G-M-12 Driver Side Mirror - Custom
G-M-13 Driver Side Mirror - Custom
G-M-14 Windshield Wiper Arm - Drvr.
G-M-15 Windshield Wiper Arm - Passenger
G-M-16 Windshield Wiper Lever Rods
G-M-17 Windshield Wiper Motor
G-M-18 Windshiled Wiper Arm Bushings
G-M-19 Gas Tank Cap
G-M-20 Gas Tank Cap Neck Body Gasket
G-M-21 Washer Foot Switch and Relay
G-M-22 Washer Fluid Pump
G-M-23 Washer Fluid Squirter
G-M-24 A/C Unit Complete - York
G-M-25 A/C Unit Complete - AC/Delco
G-M-26 A/C Compressor Bracket - York
G-M-27 A/C Compressor Bracket - AC/Delco
G-M-28 A/C Compressor - York
G-M-29 A/C Compressor - Ac/Delco
G-M-30 A/C Drier - York
G-M-31 A/C Drier - AC/Delco
G-M-32 A/C Hose - Per Ft.
G-M-33 A/C Hose Clamps (Ea.)
G-M-34 A/C Inside Console - York
G-M-35 A/C Inside Console - AC/Delco
G-M-36 A/C Vents (For Console) - York
G-M-37 A/C Vents (For Console) - AC/Delco
G-M-38 A/C Rear Blower Section - York
G-M-39 A/C Rear Blower Section - Ac/Delco
G-M-40 A/C Blower Fan - York
G-M-41 A/C Blower Fan - AC/Delco
G-M-42 A/C Coil - York
G-M-43 A/C Coil - AC/Delco

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