Sub-group: T-A

Automatic Transmission Parts
Part Description
T-A-1 1.1l - Torque Convertor
T-A-2 1.9l - Torque Converter
T-A-3 1.8l - Torque Convertor
T-A-4 Auto Shifter Assembly - GT
T-A-5 Auto Shifter Assembly - Manta/Ascona
T-A-6 Auto Shifter Assembly - Opel/Isuzu
T-A-7 1.9l - Kickdown Cable - GT
T-A-8 1.9l - Kickdown Cable - Manta/Ascona
T-A-9 1.9l - Kickdown Cable - Kadett
T-A-10 1.8l - Kickdown Cable - Opel/Isuzu
T-A-11 1.1l - Transmission Filter Kit
T-A-12 1.9l - Transmission Filter Kit
T-A-13 1.8l - Transmission Filter Kit - Opel/Isuzu
T-A-14 1.1l - Transmission Dipstick
T-A-15 1.9l - Transmission Dipstick
T-A-16 1.8l - Transmission Dipstick - Opel/Isuzu
T-A-17 1.9l - Transmission Dipstick Tube Holder
T-A-18 1.9l - Transmission Dipstick Tube O-ring

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