Opels Unlimiteds'
Price List and Ordering Information

For USED parts we will have three separate price ranges:


Used High, this is the BEST possible part we have.These are our Pick-of-the-Litter


Used Medium, these are our typical used parts.
They have some flaws but are good usable parts.
They just aren't as good as it gets.


Used Low, these are usable parts but aren't in the greatest of shape.
But, if you need a part that will do and are budget-minded these are the parts for you

Our NEW parts also have different categories:


This part has been rebuilt or remanufactured.
This could have been done by another company or in some cases ourselves.
A typical rebuilt part would be a carburetor or a starter.
Something that started out as a used part but has been repaired to a like new condition.


This part is new.
The part can be manufactured anywhere in the world or in some cases by us.
But it is definitely a new part.


N.O.S. means New Old Stock (Not Nitrous ;-)
This part is the most rare we have and in most cases are the only one that has it.
These parts are totally original parts from Opel.
In lots of cases these parts are 20-30 years old, but all are in perfect condition.
In most cases these parts carry a much higher price tag that most of our other parts.
This is especially true in the case of highly desirable and extremely rare trim parts.

We hope this helps you better understand our pricing guidelines and makes you realize that no matter your price range we have the part you need at the lowest price available. If you find a part for less ANYWHERE we will beat it !! Because at Opels Unlimited we want to be your One Stop Opel Shop

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